Luxury Table II Medium


High gloss resin, steel table frame, real gun, real drink, real everything except watch Dimensions: 40x40x70cm

Edition: 1/1 unique

This distinctive resin table, a masterpiece by Robert Samuration, showcases an unparalleled blend of imagination and precision. Within its transparent surface, a captivating story unfolds through carefully embedded elements—delicate seashells, vibrant flora—that weave together to celebrate the eternal beauty of nature. The composition exudes authenticity, with each item serving as a tangible testament to the meticulous design process.

Amidst the organic wonders, a singular element disrupts the natural narrative—an enigmatic timepiece suspended in perpetual stillness. This watch, with its intricate detailing and elegant design, introduces an air of mystique, creating a captivating contrast with the organic motifs that grace the table's surface. The watch adds an unexpected layer to the overall naturalistic tableau.

A true testament to exclusivity and sophistication, this extraordinary table is a one-of-a-kind creation, embodying the essence of uniqueness. The fusion of genuine elements, preserved meticulously within the resin, ensures that it remains a captivating conversation piece—an awe-inspiring creation that encapsulates the beauty of the natural world in a singular, breathtaking form

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