Title: Divine Progression

Medium: Bronze sculpture / Hand-polished

Dimensions: 40cm Edition: 40

Jorn van Hoorn's creation, "Divine Progression," is a meticulously hand-molded and polished bronze sculpture standing at a height of 40 cm. The artwork portrays a figure dressed in historical attire reminiscent of Roman garb. The character is cloaked in a mantle adorned with fashion symbols, presenting a captivating blend of classical and contemporary elements. Notably, the figure wears glasses, a deliberate infusion of modernity by the artist.

The sculpture exudes a commanding and impressive presence, suggesting the depiction of an individual of great significance or prominence. "Divine Progression" is an intriguing piece that defies traditional art conventions, challenging observers to engage with its fusion of historical and modern elements in a distinctive and thought-provoking manner.

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